5 Questions To Answer During Target Market Research

1. What Is Their Favorite Social Media Platform?

We’re in a day and age when social media is the dominant form of communication. If you want to connect with your audience, you’ll need to know where they are online.

2. What Are Their Biggest Struggles?

When it comes to the industry you’re in, it’s likely your audience is struggling in some way. Whether it’s a lack of money, time, or energy, you’ll want to understand the major stress points they’re dealing with so that you can utilize your business in helping them solve these problems.

3. What Are Their Biggest Goals?

On the flip side of the coin, understanding what your audience hopes to gain by working with you is just as important. Is it knowledge? Is it peace of mind? Whatever case, you’ll want to start understanding their biggest goals so that you can create content and marketing efforts around these specific objectives.

4. What Are They Afraid Will Happen If They Don’t Solve This Problem?

Fear is a powerful motivator, and understanding what your audience fears will happen if they don’t solve this problem is an excellent way to drive product sales.

5. What’s Getting In The Way Of Them Solving This Problem Right Now?

Do they lack knowledge? Do they not have the money to spend on your solution? Are they just too busy with other things in their life to take action right now? Knowing what is getting in the way of them solving this problem right now will give you a better idea of how you can help them overcome these blocks.



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Breanna Gunn

Breanna Gunn

Breanna Gunn is a messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and entrepreneurs to create messaging and processes that inspire loyalty, moment